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WinUtilities PRO 13.11 Serial Key

WinUtilities PRO 13.11 Serial Key - In the light of a new version of a professional package of tools with which any user can set up some detail its operating system, in addition to this, there are tools to optimize it, the goal is simple, to make it run faster and more stable. If I can count, you get twenty-five different tools, each of which performs a specific action, some improved performance, others simply edit the hidden system settings and so on with our project, you can download WinUtilities.

WinUtilities PRO 13.11 Updated!
  • Updates process security module.
  • Updates database.
  • Updates languages.
  • Improves File Undelete module.
  • Improves Disk Cleaner module.

I note that all the tools are sorted into categories , such as if you need to clean the traces of the network, or simply remove the debris , it is necessary to go to the appropriate section , but already there is a list of tools , it is certainly convenient. WinUtilities can be updated automatically , at the expense of registration or not fly off at the same time , I can not say , have not tried , so decide for yourself . Let's run through the list of utilities: of course you can clean your hard drive from all sorts of debris; also you will be able to clean and the system registry, which over time accumulate a lot of junk; there is a tool to correct the labels; You can completely remove programs installed on your system; WinUtilities also able to defragment your hard drives; optimize memory, freeing up more space for demanding applications; You can edit the list of startup programs at startup; it is possible to clean all traces of activity of your stay on the Internet; You can restore deleted files; search files duplicates; WinUtilities is able to create a backup copy of the registry; If desired, you can manage add-ons Windows.

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