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Hello there, thank you for stopping by. What can i tell you about me, hmmm let me think...I am in this "thing" for almost 5 years and just like you i wanted to get some software that i need for my PC for free, so i came accross something called "crack", so i tought (hmm that's intersting) i want it to check is it really working, so i followed instructions on how to crack and it's worked! I was hooked up, i couldn't believe it's really working. But it was very hard to crack, you need to do this, you need to do that etc. And for someone who is not very familiar with that it was very hard to "crack it". Here i didn't "hacked" nothing, because i don't know how to do that, and i don't want to know how to do that. So i came with solution to ease up a little bit, so that "baby" can "crack" any software, all you just need to do is download software, copy file or enter key and that's all...So i hope i helped, see you soon... ;)

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